The Places To Visit Near Delhi Diaries

Definitely something enjoyable for all the Delhi girls living in the capital of Delhi, Delhipedia would like to invite the girls in Delhi & the NCR to check out the best places to check out in city,

This week in episode 3, meet,

Bhoomika, a physician, was a born performer, an experienced classical dancer, a theatre actor, a people's individual, she loves, reading, the films and is on a spiritual quest,

Aakriti can be described as a blogger, who after finishing her BCom Honors from Delhi Faculty, started working a corporate career, moonlighting on the blog of her, her passion, before long it took over what she needed to do, now she is dedicated the career of her, writing on style, lifestyle and beauty

Anisha can be described as a traveller, a dancer, an actor, who really likes being both on screen as well as behind the video camera working as an event coordinator along with a production manager with several of the top names

The women will have a look at Smash Sky karting in sector 29 in Gurgaon, Blue Tokai and champa Gali and also end the morning with Kairali

You as well can be a component of the show, join us on New Delhi India Wheels and heels, powered by way of the Mahindra electric automobile, the all electric powered Mahindra e2oPlus, not only is it a Mahindra brand new car it is the 1st electric cars in India.

We're about to host you and your gang of women, for a day out in Delhi/NCR

Look at a few cool activities and places, things to do in Delhi, places to go to in Delhi, fun locations in Delhi for youngsters and meet some impressive Indian women that are remarkable achievers in all they do!!

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