Downtime Tracking Software Fundamentals Explained

Find the best Manufacturing Execution Software for your business. Manufacturers asses this process or production-performance KPI individually or together with the downtime KPI. Tracking these production costs over time is a good thing to know how they evolve and if you manage, at the end of the day, to stay under the target price per unit you set in order to make it profitable.

That Pareto chart is included below and is part of this sample excel sheet for expressing manufacturing downtime. Today I thought I would put together a sample excel sheet for those who want to visualize their manufacturing downtime. If it is running, it is up. Let's throw these conditions in the PLC so we can set up a value for our Downtime Tracker to see a one if we are running, or a 0 if we are down, and track how long it is at 1 or 0.

We have a unique skill set: Not only do we provide a robust and scalable OEE reporting product and an on-machine solution that is simple to install and user friendly, but our industrial controls experience gives us the expertise to seamlessly adapt our technology to your machinery.

Website monitoring (synthetic or passive) is a service that "monitors" downtime and users on the site. Now, wireless monitoring applications not only make it easier for technicians to monitor a larger number of machines, they can even provide predictive monitoring data that can preempt issues and optimize machine performance.

From this point, we can continue to add more reasons to understand better why the machine is stopping. Machine monitoring, also known as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance, refers to the practice of monitoring electrical equipment via sensors to collect diagnostic data.

Knowing which equipment items are costing your company the most money, not just in repair labor and parts but also in lost manufacturing time and product. Visual management is the process of displaying critical information such as KPIs that relate specifically to production output, efficiency and quality.

First, we started to look at our plant utilization based on the production reports that were being entered into our ERP system We started to review our Manufacturing Downtime Tracking downtime reports to track what truly was keeping our machines from running. TPM has many elements: 5S, Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance, Quality Integration, Focused Improvement, New Equipment Management, Training, Education, Safety, and more.

This ensures that the operator enters the reason for the stoppage at the time it occurs and not at the end of the shift when they may have forgotten or feel tempted to alter it. Interlock override allows for changeover, maintenance and setup periods.

Perhaps downtime is disproportionate during a certain production shift. 8. Summary You can improve your Overall Equipment Efficiency score to a great extent by reducing Machine Downtime proactively. The night shift cycle times for 4 machines were 30% less than the cycle times during the day and the same machines were stopped for over an hour at the end of the shift.

With Downtime Collection System, it is easy to track machine downtime and it is simple to integrate in your facility. The Production Costs by Product specifies how much each component of your product costs and how much it represents for your finished product.

With change comes issues like defects and machine downtime…items you failed to predict. Thrive's Downtime Tracking System provides real-time data and reporting that can help your company reduce downtime, increase efficiency and meet production goals. Most modern Bobst machines already have the necessary interfaces built in for Remote Monitoring and Downtime Tracking and just need an Internet connection and a subscription to the relevant Bobst service.

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